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Car Shipping Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

MESAR has a team of professionals who has experience in shipping your vehicles from UAE Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi Alain Fujairah Aman Ras al Khaimah to GCC Saudi Arabia Qatar Barain Oman Kuwait and to Globally to Europe Africa USA Australia

Q: What's the age limit for vehicle import to GCC?
A: Find below maximum age limit 
a) UAE: No age limit
b) Oman: maximum 7 years
c) Saudi: maximum 5 years
d) Bahrain: maximum 5 years
e) Qatar: maximum 5 years
f) Kuwait: maximum 5 years 

Q: Can I put some personal stuff in the car. E.g. bags, cloths, books etc? 
A: NO, car should be empty at the time of export. 

Q: Can I import a car to any GCC country if I have a tourist/commercial/business visa? 
A: No, you must have residence visa if you want to register it. 

Q: I am going on a visit visa to Bahrain/GCC and want to take my UAE registered car there for 6 months. Is it possible? what documents required for it and for how can I keep it in Bahrain/GCC? 
A: Yes you can take your UAE registered car to Bahrain Qatar Oman Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. You should go to RTA to make Certificate of Tourism and then go to the Automobile Touring Club to make Carnet/Trip Ticket. 

Q: Can I import more than one car in my name to any GCC country? 
A: NO, You can only import one car in 12 months for all GCC countries except Saudi. for saudi you can import one car in three years. 

Q: How much is import tax / Customs duty in GCC? 
A: It is 5% of the present market value of the car.

Q: How & who will value my car for customs duty? 
A: Your car is valued by customs officials at the destination border. They have values for each car.

Q: Will it help if I bring a purchase receipt from dealer for customs duty? 
A: Yes, it will help. However Car is valued by customs officials themselves. They have the final authority on customs charges.

Q: How will they value my car? 
A: They normally depreciate 15% - 20% per annum, however it is not guaranteed. They consider mileage and condition of the car as well. 

Q: What documents are required to make Export Certificate? 
A: Following documents are required to make Export Certificate. 
a. Vehicle and Vehicle Original registration (Mulkiya) card, 
b. Owner's original ID and driver's license, 
c. Car has to be clear of any mortgage/bank loans
d. Importer's / Consignee passport copies 

Q: What documents required for exporting a car? 
A: Following documents are required to make Export Certificate. (additional documents might be required for some countries)
a. Original Export certificate 
b. Consignee passport and destination country's residence visa copy 

Q: I own a car in UAE but I am in Bahrain, can one of my friends or family members act on my behalf at RTA? 
A: Yes. You should give them Power of Attorney attested by Notray Public. If you are outside UAE you should get Power of Attorney attested by UAE embassy in your country and send original to your authorised person in UAE. 

Q: My car registration is expired. Do I need to renew it to get Export Certificate? 
A: No. You don't have to renew your car registration. However, if your car registration is expired you should not drive it. 

Q: I don't live in UAE and want to purchase a car in UAE. Do I need to come there in person to get my car export? 
A: No. You don't have to come to UAE for documentation. We can do it all for you. We will need your valid passport and residence visa copies. 

Q: Do you provide door to door service? 
A: Yes. We will pick up your car from your doorstep and will deliver to your home in destination country (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman). For Kuwait & Bahrain you are required to come to the border to collect your car.  

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